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Celebrating 7 Years!

Celebrating seventh Anniversary

It’s the seventh anniversary of the AFM blog! We launched this online resource on February 3rd, 2014, and it’s been a joy every step of the way, even as it’s been a lot of hard work. In that way, it’s a whole lot like fencing itself. From that time, we set out to be a resource for parents, fencers, coaches, fans, and those who were just starting to dip their toes into this wonderful world. We never could have imagined how much we would grow or how far our words would reach, but for every reader and contributor, we are immensely grateful. 

The number seven has been a significant number for thousands of years. There are the Seven Wonders of the World, seven days in a week, seven continents, seven seas, on and on. Lucky seven is a trope in Las Vegas casinos because six and one are on opposite sides of a dice and because it wins big. It’s a prime number. It’s even the most popular number! No really – there was a poll done about the number seven in 2014 that showed that it was favorited! It’s a quantity that is considered lucky by cultures through time and around the world, and I personally find that it’s a magical number. 

Here, we cannot help but use this magical number to look back at where we came from, because really that is a great way to help us look forward. We’ll start here with our very first blog, published on February 3, 2014. 

This is a perspective that still holds wonderfully true today, and it sets the tone for everything that we see in our blog today. Fencing is, at its heart, a whole body and whole mind venture. Today we might say that fencing can give both young and not-so-young extra advantages! It expands our social circle, engages our physical selves, and it pushes us to continue to grow. 

To celebrate this major milestone in the life of our blog, we’re sharing seven categories of blogs that have been especially fantastic in the last seven years, plus seven blogs within each category that are among our most viewed or that we find to be particularly resonant. Seven times seven – that makes this super lucky right? Here you’ll find highlights of some of our most popular pieces, many of which you’ve probably seen, but some of which might be new to you! 

1 – Fencing Interviews

We have learned from many, many of the best people in the fencing world in the last several years. It’s been a real honor for us to be a part of communicating the insight that these truly incredible people have offered to our readers.

These are seven of our interviews, but there are many others (some in further categories below!), and honestly, each one has been extraordinary. They are all well worth the read, and even we find something new every time we 

2 – Parenting Fencers

Fencing families have always been a central part of our view of fencing. Parents are a wonderful facilitating force for fencers, and we really want to give them the best information and support that we can. 

There are many, many facets to parenting a fencer. From considering college to the day-to-day work that goes into keeping fencers going. These seven blogs are only a sampling of this wide subject that we have walked through ourselves. Every day as a parent brings new growth! That’s very true of fencing parents. 

3 – Equipment and Gear

Our gear is a defining feature of fencing. Though we have explored fencing equipment in great detail on our blog over the years, there is still so much out there to talk about. We’ve really only just touched on what there is out there! Here are seven blogs that are a little of what we’ve talked about in regards to the hard stuff of our sport. 

4 – Fencing Rules and Regulations

The rules and regulations of fencing have changed over the years, sometimes in little ways and sometimes in significant ways. Helping our readers to not only understand the new regulations but also to dig deeper and get a real understanding of the longtime rules is a priority for us. Here are seven rules and regulations pieces that can hopefully bring clarity!

Right of Way Series

5 – Inspiration and Spirit in Fencing

There is a strong theme of inspiration in this blog, and that’s because it’s a part of fencing that we get excited about. Inspiration has come to us from so many different places – from our kids, from Olympians, from coaches, from referees, from our veteran fencers, and from other disciplines that we then bring to our fencing understanding. We believe in the power of this sport, and that spirit of fencing is the touchstone that keeps us coming back. 

6 – Fencing in competition

Competitive fencing is an important part of what we do, though it is by no means the only thing that fencing is for any of us. What this expression of our sport does is to push us harder, to help us focus our goals, and to give us a measure by which we can chart our growth. Adding tools to the toolbox of competitive fencers helps us all to get better, so here are seven of our highlighted blogs on competitive fencing. 

7 – Fun on the piste

Sometimes we go into topics related to fencing that are just for the joy of it. This is a joyful sport! These last seven blogs are all ones that make us raise an eyebrow or chuckle a bit. Though we are a sport that comes from deadly combat, and though we are a focused group of diligent hard workers, we are still here to soak up the humor and delight that fencing brings (some of these blogs were written for April Fools’ Day)!

Thank you to all of our readers for a hugely engaging and expansive seven years! We look forward to continuing to share more content with you that informs, excites, and most importantly which builds our fencing community. We are definitely the lucky ones. 


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