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Fencing Summer Nationals Made Easy: Everything you need to know in one eBook

Fencing Summer Nationals and NACs guide - 3D coverWith Fencing Summer Nationals quickly approaching, we know that some of you first-time attendees (fencers and parents) have questions and concerns about how to prepare, what to expect, and what to do once you’re there. New fencers often get nervous and their parents get stressed from the uncertainty. With the number of fencers and the size of the competition, Summer Nationals and North American Cups (NACs) can be overwhelming—but are also overwhelmingly FUN!

We want you to be able to focus on enjoying the event and fencing your best. To that end, we’ve written an eBook that compiles the information that we’ve shared with first-time parents over the last couple of years. We tend to get the same questions from different parents, and we know that a little knowledge can go a long way in calming the anxiety and setting yourself up for a fun competition.

As with all of our eBooks, the book is available as a free download on our website:

Fencing Summer Nationals and NACs Guide

The book covers:

  1. When to start planning and when to make travel plans (even how to pick your hotel!)
  2. What to pack and how best to get it there
  3. What to do when you arrive, before the event, at the event, and after the event
  4. What information you need to look for and where to find it
  5. What to expect and what you need to know going in

We strongly encourage first-time attendees of fencing Summer Nationals this June to read this short book ahead of time. You will feel more prepared and excited as the big day approaches. We’d also love to hear any questions about the book or things you think we may have missed—comment here or email us with your questions!


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  1. Ana

    I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy reading your blog and how much I appreciate everything you do to educate us fencing parents. I have learned so much through your blog, things that our club has never bothered to tell us. Thank you and please keep all the awesome posts and eBooks coming!!

    • Igor Chirashnya

      Thanks Ana for your feedback! It means a lot to us to receive it – our goal is to help parents and confirmations from them gives us an additional motivational boost to continue.

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