Fencing and Gym: Is it important to hit the gymWhen we think about fencing, one of the things that we really think about is passion. That’s what Tim Morehouse brings to the web with Fencing University.

Tim is an Olympic Silver Medalist and the founder of Fencing in the Schools, a program that promotes access to fencing for every child. This marvelous organization works with youth across the country, introducing them to fencing and the focus and spirit that it brings.

With Fencing University he’s aiming to bring top fencing advice and training to as many people as possible, offering rich and powerful resources to fencers. You’ll find videos and activities to help you learn more and improve. There’s always something new at Fencing U.

Fencing University’s blog in particular keeps growing at adding articles that give you real insight into the art of fencing. Tim and his team are working hard to bring a wide variety of relevant content to empower and enrich fencers, with great articles that are well organized and easy to access. This blog is poised to become a major source of information and insight into the art and sport of fencing.

A Blog Worth Reading

One of the best parts about the blog is that Tim features a wide variety of experts on fencing who offer their insight and expertise on everything from fencing culture to specific techniques and training. There’s lots of great stuff over there!

Academy of Fencing Masters is proud to be guest blogging on Fencing University! Check out our series of articles on fencing and the gym.  You’ll learn some insider tips on gym training for fencing and how to incorporate it into your practice, as well as real world advice on how much emphasis you should be placing on working out when you’re not holding a sword.

There is a lot to consider when you’re thinking about this topic, and after reading these pieces you’ll have a handle on the whats and whys of picking up those weights or going for a jog. Hitting the gym just might be the thing that you need to take your fencing to the next level! Or it could be a serious distraction. What’s the answer? Click here to find out.

While you’re there, be sure to check out some of the other great content that Fencing U has put together. We’re all a part of this amazing fencing community, and AFM is proud to be promoting and improving our sport in partnership with Fencing University.