Fencing Demo at elementary school Walk-a-Thon

Fencing Demo at elementary school Walk-a-Thon

Young children often participate in a summer sport. Parents want to keep their children busy and active while school is out, so it’s a great time to try new things, go to camps, or pick up a new activity. I know that many young athletes in the San Francisco Bay Area play soccer during the summer. But what about when that activity ends? Do you think your child would benefit from a sports activity during the school year, too?

Fencing is a great option for continuing athletic activity during the school year. In fact, many clubs start new beginner sessions about this time of year (if you’re in the San Jose area, the next session of a new beginner class starts on November 11th). Fencing is good for children for a few reasons, and it’s also a convenient option since you can choose your level of commitment.

Why is fencing good for children?

  • Fencing challenges children both physically and mentally. It provides an aerobic workout that builds coordination and strength. Fencing also requires strategic thinking and quick decision-making.
  • In fencing, size doesn’t matter; the emphasis is on skill and stamina. So any child can fence effectively with enough training and commitment.
  • Continuing in a sport outside of school means your child will make new friends.

Also, a quick note for first-time readers: fencing is not dangerous! It is actually one of the safest competitive sports.

Why is fencing a convenient option? Well, in team sports you generally have to commit to a season that includes practices during the week and games on the weekend. The season is usually at least three months. With fencing, you can typically start with a smaller commitment to get a feel for the sport and see if your child likes it. For example, at AFM our beginner class is three weeks long with two classes each week. So you can sign up for just a few weeks and then choose to expand to more training when and if you want to. Also, most clubs provide fencing equipment for beginners so they can try out the sport without making a financial investment in their own gear. After this beginning “trial period”, you can assess how much your child is enjoying the sport and whether to continue.

So if you’re looking for a good extracurricular activity going into the next few months, check out fencing. If you have any questions about the sport or training, please feel free to comment below and we will answer your questions!