Looking for the BEST Resource for High Schoolers in Fencing? Here it is.

NCAA Fencing Guide - BEST Resource for High Schoolers in Fencing

Finding the best resources for fencing can be a challenge. There’s so much to learn, and there’s also SO much information out there to be had. Where can you find the right stuff? What’s the most effective fencing resource online?

The answer is unequivocally Jason Roger’s Ultimate Guide to NCAA fencing.

What makes Jason Roger’s Ultimate Guide to NCAA Fencing great?

NCAA Fencing Guide - BEST Resource for High Schoolers in FencingThis is by far the best possible resource because it guides high school fencers in the often confusing world of NCAA Fencing. There’s a lot to learn, because fencing is unique among college sports in the way that it’s structured and because college is already a time of major transition for high school students. Getting to know and truly understand all of the information that’s included in the college fencing experience means that those preparing for college fencing can know what they’re getting into and are less likely to wash out or get in over their heads.

Pursuing fencing in college offers so many benefits, including scholarship potential, broader opportunities for school admission, and the chance to join a community on campus from day one. (You can learn more about the fencing college advantage at our blog here).  Jason Roger’s guide supports this process and gives you absolutely everything you need to know, plus he’ll walk you through exactly why you should be so excited about college fencing.

Parents of high school fencers will also do well to check out this guide. High school fencers aren’t in this process alone – parents are here to make the whole thing go smoothly and to support their children.

ALL high school students need to read this fencing guide

All high schooler fencers must read this guide.

Here’s just a taste of what high schoolers will get from this sixty-page guide:

  • How to start preparing your fencing resume
  • How and when to approach coaches
  • Scouting universities
  • Athletic and fencing scholarships
  • Why fencing in college is so amazing
  • Which colleges offer fencing
  • Financial aid primer
  • When to get started to get the best results
  • Taking a break before college
  • Evaluating your fit with universities
  • Personal development support
  • Livability and academic matching
  • Inside information from college coaches
  • Questions you need answered
  • Common mistakes (one of the best sections!)

That’s an incredible amount of information packed into a quick read! There’s really just nothing that can beat this guide. The language is accessible and easy to read for high schoolers.

How to use this fencing guide

One of the best things about this guide is that it’s so accessible. Download it to your smartphone and read it anywhere. There’s so much information to digest, we recommend grabbing a notebook and jotting down notes. Write down further questions that you’ve got and approach your coach or club staff with them. When you’re sitting down with your college counselor, have a copy of this with you so that you can talk to them about what your plans are and how fencing fits in. In fact, it’s a great piece to share with your college counselor so that they can bring their experience to what you need.

We really just can’t say enough about how much we love this guide! It’s an invaluable resource for high school fencers. The guide itself can be found here. Download it today! Don’t miss it!