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AFM Will Host Seven Bay Cup Fencing Tournaments in the 2014-2015 Fencing Season

The BayCup Fencing Tournament

The BayCup Fencing Tournament

We are so excited to announce that we will host seven Bay Cup fencing tournaments for the 2014-2015 season. It’s really important to us to be involved in the Bay Cup organization because it provides such a welcome service to our fencers and all fencers in the area. We consider it a community mission to grow the popularity and skill level of fencing in our area, so we want to serve our community by creating an exceptional atmosphere of both competition and fun.

Fencing Summer Nationals Qualification for Y12 Fencers

Coach preparing youth fencers to competition

Coach preparing youth fencers to competition (Photo Credit: Anita Chen)

In the last few weeks, I’ve had many conversations with parents who are concerned about their Y12 fencers qualifying for the upcoming Fencing Summer Nationals in San Jose, CA (in June-July 2015). It’s great when parents understand that now is the time to ask these questions because it does take some planning to ensure the best chances of qualification.

Many questions and discussions about qualification are quite general, but from the questions I’ve gotten, I’ve decided to write this post specifically for Y12 fencers, to share my thoughts and help you navigate through the planning of different qualifying paths for your children.

AFM Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary!

Academy of Fencing Masters Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary

Academy of Fencing Masters Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary

Exactly one year ago today the Academy of Fencing Masters opened its doors for the first time. On August 21, 2013, AFM came to be and a new life began.

We started with only one fencing class and just a handful of members, most of whom are still with us today. In just one year we grew tremendously and we now offer a full spectrum of fencing classes from Beginner to Competitive in all age categories: children and youth, junior and adult.

Top 10 Habits of an Excellent Fencer

Fencing is fun - AFM fencers at ocean beach during Summer Nationals Preparations Camp training

Maybe you’re heading into your first year of competitive fencing, or maybe you’ve been at it for a few years now and are taking home medals. Either way, you can always learn some new habits and do a little extra to up your game.

If you’re new to the sport, now’s the time to start thinking about good habits! It’s easier to start off on the right foot from the beginning than it is to make changes later. If you’re an experienced fencer who plans to keep pushing for the next level, use this post as a checklist to see where you’re already on the right track or where you can improve.

Here are 10 things that excellent fencers do:

How to Be Your Young Fencer’s Biggest Fan

Parents cheer fencers during fencing competition

Parents cheer fencers during fencing competition

It’s tournament day! If your child participates in any competitive sports other than fencing, you may have a different idea of how to cheer than parents whose children have fenced competitively for many years. As parents, we know that you want to support your children as best you can, so this blog is meant to help those parents newer to the sport by giving some tips on how best to do that in the fencing arena.

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