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5 Ways We Are Inspired by Olympic Fencing

Inspired by Olympic FencingThe Olympics are more than just any sporting event, they invoke within us something beyond. Hearing the Olympic fanfare alone is enough to make most of us experience a heart that rushes forward, pulse racing as we get swept away with the wonder and amazement.

Olympic fencing is inspiring. There are so many reasons why, but here are just five that boil down why we feel so incredibly moved every four years.

How to throw an Olympic Fencing Party in Five Easy Steps

How to throw an Olympic Fencing Party in Five Easy StepsSo you want to throw an awesome Olympic fencing party to share the excitement of fencing with all of your friends?  Of course you do!  But you don’t just want to order a pizza and pop some popcorn, this is a big deal. You’re raring to go and ready to pull out all of the stops, because after all Olympic fencing only happens once every four years.

We ourselves love a great party, and we feel like life is definitely something to celebrate. But sometimes throwing one can feel a bit overwhelming. Let’s make it easy! Here are five easy steps to throwing an amazing Olympic fencing party.

16 Things that Only Fencers Understand

Only fencers understand that you can use anything for the fencing sword, even bread-sticks at the restaurant!There are many things in this world that, let’s face it, you can only understand if you’ve experienced them. One of those things is fencing – there is specific stuff that will only make sense to you if you’ve been a fencer.

That’s not to say that there’s anything better about fencers than about other kinds of people, but these things are what bind us together – that shared experience. Once you’ve been a part of the world of fencing, you can’t turn your back on it, not really ever. You’ve been a part of something special.

Here are sixteen things that only fencers understand:

The Road to Rio: Profiles of the US Olympic Fencing Team

US Olympic Fencing Team - Rio 2016The Olympics are nearly here! We’re so excited to be rooting for the US in Rio (and of course following all of the other incredible fencers from around the world).

Check out the profiles of the US Olympic Fencing Team so that you can find yourself more invested in the amazing events happening in Brazil! You’ll find more here than just your standard profile, because we think that the best way to get excited about these fencers and to really connect with them is to dig a bit deeper. This is truly an amazing group of people, not just fencers, but human beings. It’s going to be thrilling to see them compete on the biggest sports stage in the world!

Why Our Kids Need to Dream Big

Kids should always dream bigAre we teaching our kids to reach too far? It’s highly unlikely that our children will actually make it to the Olympics, so why fill their heads with big dreams that can’t possibly come true?

The impossible happens all the time

It’s true, the odds are long on a given child progressing all the way to the Olympics. In fact it’s downright unlikely that they will. But it’s not impossible.

When a child starts reading, it can seem impossible to them that they’ll ever read easily – those letters are just jumble of shapes and lines. However given time and practice, most kids learn to read. The same is true with any big goal – anything seems impossible to a person who is just starting out, but what if you never tried? Then you’d never have learned how to read, or walk, or drive a car (or fence!). Those things all seemed impossible to you at one point – pie in the sky things that were so far out of your reach.

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