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Quick Fix for Smelly Fencing Gloves

Quick Fix for Smelly Fencing GlovesWhat’s that Smell? Solutions for Smelly Fencing Gloves:

Recently I opened my child’s fencing bag and strong smell almost killed me. I was thinking about accidental dead mouse was inside it! Nope. Not socks, nor shoes – it was smell of hard work from my child’s fencing glove!

That’s right, it turns out that the humble fencing glove can hide some serious stink. I genuinely had no idea that it was possible for my son’s hand to smell so much!

As a loving and caring mom, I immediately gave my son a brand new glove. He put it on and without a beat told me – “I am not going to Summer Nationals with a new glove – I don’t feel my pistol grip in it!” He was absolutely right. Changing a glove to a new brand is not the best idea!! Before a big competition, changing the grip or the glove or even the blade to something new just means trouble. Familiarity with the equipment is essential in the face of a major competition. Don’t change to something new BEFORE major competitions!

We of course decided to keep his glove and not get a new one before major fencing competition. Meanwhile, I started digging into ways to get rid of this dead mouse smell.

Getting the smell out of a stinky fencing glove

The Importance of Fencing Summer Nationals Preparation Camps

Fencing Summer Nationals Preparation CampGetting ready for Fencing Summer Nationals can feel daunting.  Fencers want to give their best performance when the big day comes, because of course they’ve worked so hard for this opportunity. But how to go about doing it? The answer lies in doing preparation in the right way.

What is fencing summer nationals preparation camp?

Every club in the country, in fact every club around the world, holds preparation camps prior to the major events. Though the events might vary, the training regimen that’s the hallmark of these camps isn’t. The model is one that works, giving fencers the boost that is incredibly helpful in the last few weeks before national or international competition. These camps run from 1 week to 3 or even 4 weeks in some cases. The purpose of the camp is to bring its athletes to the peak performance for this tournament.

Small Steps = Big Progress

Small steps big progress - fencing journeySport isn’t math.

People often think about development in sports as something akin to a mathematical equation. Something along the lines of the following (though in different people’s mind the specifics might be slightly different):

  • A = hours cross training
  • B = private lessons
  • C = getting the right equipment

But that’s not really the way that fencing works, or in fact the way that any sport works. What actually happens with sports is that the journey is very much individual in nature, and it’s not exactly a straight line for nearly anyone. Progress forward in sport can’t be seen as an overly analytical venture, it’s got to be viewed much more through the lens that an artist might see their work through. Could you look at a painting by Picasso and figure out its worth based on an equation?

8 Ways Fencing Summer Camp Helps Kids Find Balance

Fencing Summer Camp - A great addition to summer plans and an excellent way to get introduced to fencingSummer is a perplexing time for many of us. On the one hand, we want to give our kids ultimate freedom to do all the things that make summer relaxing and open – sleeping in, discovering books, exploring interests. On the other hand, there’s also a sense that we want our kids to have time to catch up on some things while life isn’t too busy. Finding balance during these summer months is important, and one way to find that balance is through fencing summer camp.

How’s that possible? Here are eight ways that fencing summer camp helps kids find balance.

AFM Received Special Congressional Recognition!

Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition - Academy of Fencing MastersWe are honored to receive Special Congressional Recognition for “outstanding and invaluable service to the community” from the USA Congress!

Thanks to all our members, fencers, parents and coaches for your fantastic dedication to the sport and the passion you share with others! This is truly your achievement and award!

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