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What Parents Should do when their Child is Fencing a Teammate

What parents should do when their kid is fencing teammateIf your child is fencing a teammate, what should you do?

This is a tough situation, and it’s one that isn’t all that uncommon. Depending on the level that your child is fencing at and how big your fencing club is, it’s quite possible for your child to end up fencing one of their teammates during a competition.

Tournament organizers work hard to keep fencers from the same club from fencing against each other in the pool, but it’s not always possible. But in the Direct Elimination round, when the opponents are defined based on the previous pool round, fencers are very likely to face their own teammates. This can happen in any competition, small local ones or big national and even international tournaments.

Old Fencing Gear – What Should You Do with It?

Old Fencing GearWhat happens to old fencing gear? Where does it go?

Fencing equipment isn’t forever

Though it’s oftentimes expensive, fencing equipment isn’t something that lasts for an extended of amount of time.

Focusing on YOU at Fencing Competitions

Focusing on you in fencing competitionIt’s important to remember that a fencing competition is a competition for YOU. When it comes to getting ready, to stepping onto the strip, there’s no one that matters as much as you do in that moment. That means focusing on yourself in the time leading up to the competition, and especially on the day of the competition.

  • You owe it to yourself to be in the best shape possible.
  • You owe it to your coach to be as focused as possible.
  • You owe it to your family to make the most of the support they’ve given you.
  • You owe it to your teammates to do the best for your team.

You DESERVE to do your best in fencing competition. It’s not a selfish thing for you as a competitive fencer to do the most you possibly can for you, to put all of your attention on yourself. The fencing community is so full of giving and loving individuals who are passionate about building our fencing community through camaraderie and mutual support. What fencers have to understand is that building community starts with taking care of yourself and performing your best at competition.

Beginner Fencing at Home – Don’t Do It!

Practicing fencing footwork at the backyardFirst off, congrats on beginning your amazing journey into fencing! It’s truly a wonderful place to be and a wonderful world for you to partake in.

A lot of parents ask me about what their kids should practice at home to become better at fencing. What fencing skills they need to work on at home, how often, etc. Even those who just started their first lesson!

My reply is always the same – nothing!

AFM Hurricane Relief Tournament

AFM Hurricane Relief TournamentThe past month has seen major hurricanes hit the United States again and again. Every time you turn on the news, it seems there’s another storm that’s destroying homes and lives of people somewhere.

The USFA Hurricane Relief Fund

USFA started a fund to help clubs in the affected area with repairs over the coming months.  It’s a great cause and a wonderful way to address these major issues with compassion and support from the wonderful fencing community.

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