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An Interview with Russian Foil Champion Inna Deriglazova

Gold medalist Inna Deriglazova of Russia celebrates on the podium after defeating Pauline Ranvier of France in the women's individual foil final of the FIE World Fencing Championships in Budapest, Hungary, 19 July 2019.  EPA-EFE/Tibor Illyes HUNGARY

Foil fencer Inna Deriglazova has proven to be a powerful force in the fencing world, challenging the best female foilists at the highest levels of competition over the course of many years. A recent interview with her by TASS correspondent Veronika Sovetova, following Deriglazova’s phenomenal performance at recent 2019 Fencing World Championship in Budapest, caught our imagination and we had to share it! The piece is extraordinary, as is the fencer herself, and it shows that such stars and idols of modern fencing have the same struggles as we do in their sport lives, similar fears and concerns, and what it takes to overcome them and come on top.

We wanted to share it with our English speaking readers! Just because you can’t read the original Russian, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to be inspired by it! Here is our translation of the interview with her published on the Russian Fencing Federation website. I hope that you find Inna Deriglazova as much of a fascinating fencer and powerhouse athlete as we do. 

You’ll find the original piece at this link

50+ Amazing Smartphone Fencing Backgrounds

Smartphone Fencing Background

Smartphone fencing backgrounds are very popular! Everyone has a smartphone. When you have this little device in your hands all the time that you don’t have a sword in your hands, of course, you want to put your fencing mark on it – create your own smartphone fencing backgrounds!

That’s why we’ve put together a whole lot of smartphone fencing backgrounds for you. They’re arranged in categories for easy browsing. To download one and use it on your smartphone, simply click the picture and save it to your phone, then go to your pictures and set it as the background! It’s that easy. We’ve sized these pictures to fit most phone backgrounds, so no matter if you have an iPhone, a Samsung, a Google Pixel, or an LG, you’re covered. You’ll also find a link to the original fencing image where we found it online. 

Now, whenever you look at your smartphone you’re feeling the spirit of fencing! We hope you enjoy. 

Lost bout: How to Cherish Every Fencing Bout Your Kid Loses

Lost bout: How to Cherish Every Fencing Bout Your Kid Loses

This post was borne out of my personal parental experience at 2019 Fencing Summer Nationals in Columbus, OH, watching as my kids lost their bouts. How they cried. How they struggled. How they processed their defeat. How they talked about their lost bout afterwards, never right away.

Inside a kid fencer’s mind after a lost bout

For a parent, it is always difficult to watch your child cry. You understand that they are crying out of frustration. You know that they put a huge amount of effort into their training. They are now asking themselves tough questions like these:

  • “Am I worth it?”
  • “Am I any good at fencing?”
  • “Is all of this hard work even worth it?”
  • “Am I doing anything right? Can I do anything right?”
  • “Why is she/he better than me?”
  • “Why does this girl/boy train for half the time that I do and still beat me?”
  • “Why are the refs so bad, calling for my opponent all the time?”

They might even start to ask themselves the really tough question.

Why Fencing is Good for Kids [Infographic]

Why fencing is good for kids- cover image

We recently published a post “9 Reasons Why Fencing is Good for Kids” which received a lot of positive feedback from many people.

So I decided to create an infographic inspired by that and other posts, since a picture is worth a thousand words.

I hope you enjoy this graphical story and use it to convince your friends, children, siblings or classmates give fencing a try. And maybe you will help them discover their lifelong passion for the gorgeous sport of fencing!

Fantastic Performance from AFM Fencers at the 2019 Fencing Summer Nationals

Fantastic Performance from AFM Fencers at the 2019 Fencing Summer Nationals

Wow. Just wow! We are still reeling from incredible performance of the AFM fencers at the 2019 Fencing Summer Nationals in Columbus. 

After a memorable 10 days in Columbus, Ohio, we are home and still stunned by the marvelous results from our AFM athletes. It’s impossible not to be proud of these tremendous results from our hard working fencers, so here they are! Join us in congratulating them!

Top National Fencers

Fencers from all over the  United States traveled to Columbus, Ohio earlier this month to face off in the biggest fencing competition in America, Fencing Summer Nationals. After a year of hard work, building on success through the 2018-2019 fencing season, we are ecstatic to say that AFM is among the top clubs in the USA in the medal count, and the best club on the West Coast. Among the 134 American and Canadian fencing clubs that took home medals, AFM’s final rank is number six! That’s phenomenal! 

AFM Ranked #6 in total medal count in 2019 USA Fencing Summer Nationals - photo of American Fencing Magazine Winter 2020 edition

We are so proud and humbled that we are among the leaders in the country in the medals, and it shows the great work of our coaches and fencers. It takes the hard work and dedication of dozens of people to get here, many more when you include the family and community support.

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