USA Fencing’s Club of Excellence Program - AFM HonoredThis year the premier organization for fencing in the United States, USA Fencing, initiated a program to honor fencing schools around the country for excellence in the sport.

Starting in 2016, USA Fencing will annually recognize clubs that excel in attracting new students, retaining old students, promoting the sport and in general being positive places for fencing. It’s a fun new program that allows fencing schools to get some positive press while also promoting fencing in the wider world.

Often people don’t realize that there are great fencing schools right in their backyard! By showcasing fencing schools across the country, USA Fencing is getting positive press out there.

The 2016 Winners

USA Fencing has some beautiful structure to their excellence program. Schools are chosen for their special excellence in particular areas that include diversity and women’s programming, youth development, collegiate programs, marketing and membership.

This year’s five recipients are (in no particular order):

1.   2016 Club of Excellence in Diversity and Women’s Programming

Winter Garden Fencing Academy (Region 6)

Winter Garden, Florida

2.   2016 Club of Excellence in Youth Development

Rhode Island Fencing Academy and Club (Region 3)

Providence, Rhode Island

3.   2016 Collegiate Club of Excellence

University of Michigan (Region 2)

Ann Arbor, Michigan

4.   2016 Club of Excellence in Marketing

Salle Green LLC (Region 3)

Glen Allen, Virginia

5.   2016 Club of Excellence in Membership

Academy of Fencing Masters (Region 4)

Campbell, California

Did you catch that last one? AFM is incredibly honored to be recognized for excellence in membership! What a huge thing to happen to our club. We could not be more proud of the way that our fencers have come together here at AFM, and it’s humbling and amazing to receive such a high honor from this world class fencing organization!

In just a few short years we’ve all come together to create this beautiful community right here in Campbell. Our students have gone on to win major titles and to grow beautifully through this incredible sport. It’s incredible to see the progress that we as a club have been able to move forward with.

What we love most about this honor is that it puts the focus right where we feel as though it should be – on the people of AFM. If we could have picked a place that we would want to be honored, this is most definitely it. The other categories showcase some amazing schools as well, but for us to win in this particular section means so very much to us as a fencing academy.

This award is a result of great work of our coaches, fencers and families! Our special thanks are going to the families that make up AFM are the best out there – we see them getting here early and staying late to support our fencers, who then rise to challenges with grace and grit. We truly cannot say enough about the marvelous support that our fencers get from their families, or about how much this honor is tied to the hard work of our wonderful fencers!

Our goal here at AFM has always been our people. Fencing is, after all, not about swords at all is it? It’s really about the hands who are holding them. We are so thankful for the opportunity to showcase our skills, to work here within this community and to build up the world of fencing. This sport is an amazing place to be, and we are truly touched to be recognized in this way.

Thank you USA Fencing! And thank you to the AFM family.