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Cold or Warm Water During a Workout or Competition

Cold or Warm Water to drinkIt’s never a bad time to talk about hydration during competition and workouts. There is always a need to stay hydrated when you’re doing physical activity, something that truly everyone agrees on. What we don’t think about so often is how what temperature the water is when we drink it. You’ll see people with bottles that are full to the brim with ice,freezing cold water inside. Others will drink water that’s been sitting in the hot car all day and that’s warm to the touch. And yet others get it straight out of the tap and right at room temperature.

With such drastic differences in the temperature of the water, it’s got to mean something doesn’t it? Let’s talk about hydration, and learn a little bit of the science behind the body, temperature and water!

USFA Membership 2015-2016 – IMPORTANT!

USFA membershipIt’s nearly time for the new fencing season to start! The 2015-2016 fencing season begins on August 1st, and that means that it’s time for everyone to update their USFA membership. All fencing clubs, not just AFM, require USFA membership as it provides a secondary medical and accident insurance. You must have at least a non-competitive membership in order to participate in fencing lessons.

That bears repeating – you MUST have at least a non-competitive membership in order to participate in fencing lessons.

Fascinating French Fencing Facts from the 17th & 18th Century

Fencing academies middle agesWhen we think about noblemen of the Middle Ages in Europe, we immediately picture them dressed up in knee length pants, beautiful bright colored jackets with gold trim, wide-brimmed hats with lush, poofy feathers, and of course an elegant sword decorated with a shiny, intricately monogrammed guard.  The sword was an inseparable part of every nobleman’s outfit, being the best indication that he belonged to the nobility. Every nobleman in the 17th Century, whether he was rich or poor, did everything possible to have his own sword – even if he had to sell some of his belongings to buy one. Just having a weapon was not enough though, it was even more important that they know how to handle it masterfully.

2015-2016 Fencing Season – New Classes Schedule at AFM!

scheduleWith the new season upon us, we’re ready for some major changes in our schedule!

You’ll notice a lot of changes to our new schedule, with a major overhaul of how our classes are broken down as well as a few big timeslot adjustments. It’s taken us a great deal of time and consultation with parents and among the staff of AFM to come up with what we believe will be the best possible way to serve our students and their families in order to maximize the skill and proficiency of our fencers. We’re excited to see the growth from these improvements!

Reflections on Fencing Summer Nationals 2015


Academy of Fencing Masters Summer nationals Team

Were so happy and proud of the results of our 2nd year at Summer Nationals and the July Challenge! The atmosphere was amazing, and many members of our club (including both beginners and intermediate levels) came to Nationals both to fence and to cheer on our team.

We had 50 fencers competing in 35 events!

With lots of parents and fencers in attendance, this tournament really turned into a family celebration, not only of the achievement of their fencers but also the sport of fencing. It was great to see this level of support, and to see how this amazing sport that we participate in can bring us all together. 

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