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New Year Fencing Resolutions

New Year Fencing resolutions2It’s that time of year once again! Time to think about new beginnings and the bright hope of the future. Whatever mistakes that might have been made in the past are behind us now, and we have the chance to get life rolling in the direction that we choose to take it. For fencers, it’s a great time to refocus goals and to decide on our new focus for the new year in terms of our training.

Here are some of our best new year fencing resolutions.

1.  I resolve to enjoy fencing more.

7 Inspiring Fencing Memes

What do you find inspiring? Sometimes we need a little inspiration in order to get our training off and going. It’s not always easy to stay jazzed up and excited about fencing when you’re faced with day after day of training, even though you love it!

To help you get that mojo going, we’ve put together some fantastic fencing memes that will offer you not only inspiration but that will also help you to connect with the beauty of fencing.

1.  The greatest mistake we make is living in the constant fear that we will make one.

–      John Maxwell, author and speaker

Inspiring Fencing Memes

If I Were A Fencing Elf

Have you heard about fencing elves? Seriously have you? 🙂

AFM little fencers didn’t even stop to ask me when we began to film a short movie about fencing elves – it was crystal clear right away! These are the elves that take care of kids in fencing. And all of the elves want this job!

Enjoy !  –  If I were a Fencing Elf Movie


How to Qualify for Fencing Summer Nationals Infographics

How to qualify for fencing summer nationals

One of the biggest confusions among parents is figuring out how to get their child to qualify for Fencing Summer Nationals in the United States. And the main reason – the qualification path changes every year! Not only will your child change in age category and start to attend older age brackets, but they also might go even further and start attending senior level divisions. Add to this that USFA qualification rules are constantly changing, sometimes quite significantly, and it’s no wonder that parents are confused.

The USFA provides all of the information about the qualification path (e.g., check out Athlete Handbook), but that information is quite advanced for novice parents and scattered throughout the manuscript. The Research Triangle Fencing club in North Carolina did a fantastic job in creating a one page reference, which we think is really amazing. Yet, parents are still confused.

In the discussions with parents I often use a drawing that explain to them how their child could qualify, and then an idea came to my mind – create an infographic that will explain how to qualify for Fencing Summer Nationals in one place and in really laymen’s terms.

Here it is!

The Fencer: A Movie Review

The Fencer movie review: a true story about Estonian fencer and fencing coach Endel NelisWe really LOVED this film! It’s quite unusual to come out of a film feeling as good about it as we felt coming out of this one, but then again not every movie has got as much heart and is as beautifully told. While we were at first interested in this film because it was about fencing, it turned out that we loved it because it was a compelling and well told story. What’s more, it’s based on a true story, which makes it that much more compelling.

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