Electronics VS Sport CampsWith summer quickly approaching, you’re probably wondering what the best option for your child is once the school days have ended. While many parents in the Bay Area look towards technology-oriented Silicon Valley summer camps, there are plenty of reasons why summer sports camps are a much better idea for your child. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits that a Bay Area summer sports camp can offer!

1. Learn to Unplug

Technology already runs our lives from sunup to sundown. Whether you are an adult or a child, you spend your day on computers, smartphones, game consoles, and iPads. We can barely even take a moment to look when we cross the street! A summer sports camp will give your child the much needed break to change their focus and perspective and possibly even develop a love for a new sport!

2. Break Free From Technology Addiction

DSC_0803Technology doesn’t just run our lives, it can also have devastating effects on our children’s development. From obesity to depression, social communication to attention deficit disorders, technology addiction is often the cause of such problems. If you feel that your child is suffering in any of these areas, a week unplugged at a sports camp could be exactly what they need to revive their energy and creativity, and break their cycle of addiction.

3. Get Active!

We all know that being active is necessary for kids to develop and stay healthy. Whether it’s soccer, fencing, tennis, or gymnastics, sports camps are an ideal way to get your child moving again. Don’t let your kid’s summer vacation turn into a sedentary stay on the couch!

4. Explore Their Options

A week at a sports camp gives your child the opportunity to explore and discover new sports. They may not be ready to commit to a new sport for a whole season, but the summer is the perfect time to try out something new. And because a week-long camp is an intensive dive into a sport, it’s a great chance for your child to find out what they’re interested in. Maybe they can even try a few different sports throughout the summer!

5. Have Fun!

Getting healthy, exploring new sports, and putting down the iPad are all great reasons to enroll in a week-long camp. But one of the best short-term benefits that a camp can offer is having fun! Summer is meant to be enjoyed and your child can learn a new sport while making friends and learning the value of teamwork. Don’t be surprised if they ask you to sign up for another week!

6. Make New Friends

Despite all the short-term benefits that sports camp has to offer, there are plenty of long-term benefits as well. The friends they make in sports camp can last well beyond the week they are there. And making friends outside of the same groups in school can do wonders for your child’s social development. Let summer camp expand their horizons athletically as well as socially!

7. Learn Self-Discipline

Every sport on the planet requires self-discipline in order to achieve success. In even just a week your child can learn to persevere and overcome obstacles they face. These skills will be helpful to them not only in athletics, but in everything they do as they continue to grow and succeed.

8. Develop Specific Skills & Boost Confidence

Intensive training in a single sport is often difficult during the school year. A sports camp can offer the opportunity to build specific skills with coaches and trainers that go above and beyond any after school activities. Giving your child the chance to work with the best coaches on a daily, repetitive basis can grow their confidence more in a week than in months of after school training.

9. Build Life-Long Healthy Habits

While it’s great for your kid to be active for a week, sports camp can offer much more than that. Participating in an intensive camp can help to build healthy, life-long habits. Showing your child that exercise, competition, and activity can be both fun and rewarding is the best way to ensure they keep those healthy habits well into adulthood.

10. Give You A Break!

Last but not least, you deserve a break! As a parent you are working hard to give your child the best opportunities to succeed at every turn. Enrolling them in a week-long camp can give you just the break you need while still helping your child be the best they can be.

 So what are you waiting for? Find a Bay Area Summer Sports Camp and see how far your child can go in just one week!

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